Family Fun Night

Congratulations to game 'Basket Buster', 'Xtreme Bowling' and 'Lollies & Lollies or Loose' for representing Room 32 at the Family Fun Night. It was incredible how well every member of Room 32 came together to make our stall successful. We supported each other and worked together to construct our games, making the signs, running the games, attending to our customers and handing out prizes. We are an effective team! 

Gym Kids

For our Term 4 PE unit, we went to Gym Kids to learn gymnastic skills. We had lots of fun! A special thanks to our parent helpers who ensured our safety. 

Room 32 Arcade Trial

BIG thank you to our Room 21 buddies for helping us with our arcade trial before the Family Fun Night. We all had a go at running our games. Our Room 21 buddies gave us valuable feedback and feedforward and most importantly, we have had so much FUN!  

The Speech Final

Congratulations to Nina and Cullan who represented Room 32 in the speech final. Well done Nina for coming third, and Cullan for coming second. We are so proud of you! 

The Top Three

Buddy Assessment on our speeches

It was great to have our buddies from Room 21 to give us feedback on our speeches before the speech final. They helped us edit, and checked that our speeches met these criteria: 

A strong introduction that hooks the audience in. The message is clear.Good reasons to support the topic.Use of assertive and emotive languages. A conclusion that encourages the audience to act upon after the speech. 
 We found it really helpful! Thanks buddies! 

Main events happened during Term 3

We had our school Cross Country during term 3. 

Room 32 did so well! Congratulations to all of those who got placed in the top 10. Well done Room 32 for showing resilience, perseverance and endurance during this event.  

Another highlight was going to the Hoani Waititi Marae. We were welcomed and accepted into a greater community. We are connected citizens. 

Room 30 & 32 Assembly

Room 30 & 32 hosted the Junior Assembly on Friday of Week 9. We worked really hard rehearsing the performances for our assembly. We had great responses from everyone! Well done Room 30 and Room 32!